Mcklein Usa Pearson Nylon Expandable 15.4″ Laptop Case

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McKlein USA Black A high caliber line that is modern, yet stately, serviceable, yet smart. The concept called for intuitive organizational design that was cleverly concealed in a supple, stylish case. To prove carrying the world on your shoulders doesn’t have to break your back and the straps are comfort contoured. These bags are the synchronization of intelligence and style.Material: Tech-Lite Ballistic Nylon Men’s Laptop Bags,Laptop Cases,Expandable Briefcases,Fabric,Business Cases w/ Shoulder Straps,Quick Ship Gifts ,Business & Laptop,Attaches & Briefcases,McKlein,R Series,Men’s Fabric Laptop Bags,Men’s Laptop Briefs,Fabric Briefcases,Business Cases Collections,Leather Briefcases,Briefcases,Men’s Business Cases,Traditional Business,Laptop Bags,Business & Laptop Cases,Cases w/ Sleeves,Great Gifts for Dad,Laptop Briefs,Fabric Laptop Bags,Expandable,Men’s Laptop Cases